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ADLINK has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the computer-based industrial applications field, enabling us to provide state-ofthe-art computing products backed by professional consulting and OEM services to our customers.

This enables ADLINK to provide the highest quality and performance products with the long life cycles required by our embedded and applied computing customers. With the acquisition of Ampro Computers and LiPPERT Embedded Computers, ADLINK also provides a wide range of rugged by design Extreme Rugged™ and industrial product lines including single board computers, COMs and systems.

Our range of products includes:

 Network Appliances
 Rugged Servers
 AdvancedTCA Processor Blades and Platforms
 VPX Blades
 Industrial SBCs, Motherboards and Chassis
 Embedded Flash Storage
 Rugged Small Form Factor SBCs & Systems
 Fanless Embedded Computer
 Wireless Internet Gateways
 SEMA Cloud


Measurement and Automation

ADLINK's MAPS is committed to be your reliable partner by providing complete customer solutions for machine automation systems, machine vision systems, automated testing equipment, and measurement equipment.

 DAQ (Data Acquisitions) Cards
 PXI/PXI Express & Modular Instruments
 Machine Vision
 Modular Instrument (Digitizer)
 Motion Control Cards
 Distributed I/O
 Remote I/O
 Communication Cards
 Bus Expansion


Display and Computing Platforms

ADLINK's display and computing product segment is committed to offering rugged industrial and mobile product solutions, together with mobile operating systems. Applications benefiting from our expertise include logistics management, manufacturing, medical, retail trade, and transportation, especially those requiring use in harsh and demanding environments.

IMPS product lines include:

 Industrial Mobile Handheld Computers
 Smart Panels
 Smart Touch Computers
 Industrial & Panel PCs
 Medical PCs & Displays






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