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Weighing sensor 6-way weighing module modbus RTU protocol 485 weighing module weighing transmitter

Chapter 1 Product Introduction

one. Overview

۶-channel weighing signal 16-bit high-precision acquisition module, can collect voltage (± ۰ ~ ۳۲mV), high-precision signal acquisition. 3-channel weighing bridge with 10V excitation voltage, voltage accuracy of 1%; collected data signal weighing, through the isolated RS485 interface output; module using Modbus-RTU communication, can be adapted to PLC, DCS, and various groups State software.

Signal acquisition, CPU and power input, RS485 communication electrical signal isolation, effectively suppress all kinds of string mode and common mode interference, to ensure the accuracy of the data, but also to protect the module’s reliable work.

two. Features

۱٫ Using the standard Modbus-RTU protocol.

۲٫ Provide 3-way weighing bridge with 10V excitation voltage, voltage accuracy of 1%.

۳٫ High-precision signal acquisition: the use of high-precision 24-bit AD and voltage reference, the voltage reference temperature coefficient 10PPM / ℃ (max).

۴٫ Signal acquisition using channel isolation technology.

۵٫ Security: signal acquisition, power, RS485 communication electrical signal isolation.

۶٫ Communication protection: RS485 communication signal output interface with over-voltage over-current double protection.

۷٫ Power polarity protection.

Three. Features

Fives. Module LED and switch function description

۱٫ POW / SET; module operating status indication

A. Green light: The module works in the running state. B. Red on: The module has the configuration parameters have been written, need to re-power.

۲٫ TXD / RXD: Communication status indication

A. The green light flashes: Communication received data B. Blinking red: The module is sending data

   C. Green light: DATA + and DATA- on the access RS485 communication line is reversed or wiring is disconnected.

۳٫ Reset switch on the right side of the module

A. When the communication parameters (module address, baud rate, parity bit) do not know or communication parameters set, can not establish communication with the module communication, the solution is to reset the communication parameters; Release the module [POW / SET] after 5 seconds, the red indicator light, release the reset switch, then the communication parameters have been reset, as long as the module power supply after the restart once again, the module communication parameters have been reset.

B. Communication parameters after reset: Address: 1, Baud rate: 9600bps, Parity: None.

     Typical application wiring diagram



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