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۸ K – type J S T O R thermocouple acquisition module MODBUS RTU protocol 485

Model PD3060-K Item No: 1 Color Category: 8-way PD3064-K-type 8-way PD3060-K Other specifications Remarks 1 way PD3060-K 2-way PD3060-K 1-way PD3064-K 2-way PD3064 -K-type 4-way PD3064-K-type decoration and construction: hydropower projects

Product Compatibility:

Thermocouple temperature acquisition module, with the PD3060-PT100 temperature acquisition module, just connect the sensor is different,

Communication parameters are identical.

And PD3015 series of temperature and humidity acquisition module communication protocol and format exactly the same, only the same test software

The humidity register has no practical meaning.

۱ Overview 

Interface with all the protection, accidental encounter 24V, or even 220V AC, will not be damaged.

Communication, acquisition, power supply, three parts completely isolated.

Key Features

Based on RS485 interface, Modbus protocol temperature acquisition module.

Isolated RS485 interface, support Modbus-RTU protocol.

The internal temperature of the module is calculated, and the temperature can be directly read out in degrees Celsius.

Wide operating voltage: DC8V-30V, power supply does not work. Using the original MC34063A switching power supply within 30V can work,

    Measured 30V power consumption 9mA, 24V power consumption 12mA, 12V power consumption 22mA, 8V power consumption 32mA.

Using the standard 35mm rail mounting.

Dimensions: 88 * 72 * 59

Operating temperature: -35 ℃ ~ +۵۰ ℃.

Applications: liquid, gas temperature measurement field.

PD3064-K J N S T E R Type Thermocouple Module: Uses the chip MAX31885

Using 8 MAXMAX31885 (suffix K J N S T E R) thermocouple special chip, support K, J, N, S, T, E, R-type thermocouple. High precision cold junction compensation. Hardware and hardware filtering. Support disconnection detection function. Resolution of 0.25 ℃.


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