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۱ * ۹ ۸۵۰ wavelength optical module multimode dual fiber 0-250Kb / s TTL 5V ST can bus to fiber

۰-۲۵۰Kb / s, TTL level, a single multi-mode dual-fiber is a price, 5V voltage and 3.3V voltage options, SC port / FC port / ST port optional, to ensure that the new optical module, a large amount of concessions Quality, fast delivery, one year warranty! 20 yuan SF Express and 10 yuan surface to choose! 10 and above SF!

Product Features:

SC / ST / FC optical interface

Single-mode dual-fiber transceiver one, multi-mode dual-fiber transceiver optional

Single + 3.3V / + 5V power supply

The interface level is compatible with standard TTL level and CMOS level

Standard 1 × ۹ pin package

The operating wavelength of the emitting device is 1310 nm or 850 nm

Very low power consumption designed to meet specific requirements

Transmission rate as low as DC, the upper limit of the rate of choice, up to 10Mb / s


For 10Mb / s the following power control and industrial control RS232, RS485 and other photoelectric conversion equipment.

product description:

The series is designed for the following 10 Mb / s power control and industrial control RS232, RS485 and other photoelectric conversion equipment designed to receive and send integrated TTL level module.

Series modules support 10Mbps and below rates, respectively.

Transfer rate and fully comply with 1×9 multi-source protocol (Multi-sourced 1×9 pin packaged).

The series of modules with low power consumption, high reliability and stability characteristics.

This series of modules according to different design requirements to provide SC, FC and ST optical interface connection interface.

Provide 0 to 20 km transmission distance of the product.

The maximum rate of operation of the module can be selected below 10Mb / s, the conventional rate: 0-250Kbps, 0-500Kbps, 0-1Mbps, 0-2Mbps, 0-5Mbps, 0-10Mbps;

The higher the transmission rate, the closer the transmission distance is, the lowest transmission rate of the module can be as low as DC.

The module can be set according to customer needs no light when the receive pin level is high or low.


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  • نوامبر 26, 2016

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