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Honeywell UOP earned a record 671 patents for new inventions globally during 2015, bolstering its position as the leading developer and licensor of technologies for the petroleum refining, petrochemicals and gas processing industries.

The North American Catalysis Society created the biennial award in 1967, naming it for Eugène Jules Houdry (1892-1962), a pioneer in the catalytic cracking of petroleum. 


Wireless Indoor Air Sensor

Designed for Prestige IAQ thermostats to optimize comfort level

Get the most out of the Prestige IAQ thermostat with the wireless indoor air sensor that can sense both indoor temperature and humidity, so the thermostat can respond and make your home more comfortable. The sensor is also wireless. Your professional installer will not have to run wires to install it. The one-year battery life with two-month battery warning means you don’t have to follow the typical spring/fall battery replacement schedule. The sensor gives you plenty of notice that the battery needs changing.


Average temperature – helps smooth out hot/cold spots

One-year battery life, two-month battery warning

Five-year limited warranty

Professional installation


Wireless Indoor Air Sensor - 3 inch color




Digital Load Management Starter Kit – Includes 24v Conversion Kit and one Power Management Module(6200)

The digital load management starter kit

Our digital load management starter kit works with RTSR and RTSY transfer switches. The digital power management system consists of two parts: the starter kit transformer and one power management module. It breaks down this way:

The starter kit transformer is an easy field installed 24VAC transformer that must be installed in the NEMA 3R Smart Switches to enable the use of power management modules

The power management module is a 50 amp, 24VAC actuated contactor housed in a NEMA 3R enclosure for indoor and outdoor installation applications

Power management modules, in conjunction with any of the 100-800 amp, single-phase transfer switches, household or business loads, can be managed with the use of a smaller, more efficient generator system

Up to four power management modules can be used with a single switch

Starter kit and the power management module have a one-year limited warranty



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