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Universal PH probe PH electrode pH sensor can be equipped with PHAB PH meter PH electrode

This electrode is a composite electrode of PH glass electrode and reference electrode. It is a measuring sensor of PH meter, which is used to measure the H concentration (PH value) in aqueous solution. It is widely used in various fields to be detected PH. The electrode you are purchasing is an elaborate precision analysis and test sensor. The product is fully tested before leaving the factory. If you carefully follow the instructions and maintenance, you can get the best test result and prolong the service life of the electrode.

working environment

۱٫ Ambient temperature 5-40 degrees

۲٫ Relative humidity: ≤۸۵%

Use and maintenance and precautions

۱٫ Remove the electrode protection cover before the test, (the solution is 3MKCL, if the crystallization of exudation, is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the electrode used) 2. Observe the sensitive bulb is filled with all the internal liquid, The electrode should be gently swinging down (like rejection thermometer) to clear the bubble within the sensitive ball, otherwise it will affect the test accuracy.

Electrode and PH meter matching correction and testing

۱٫ Connect the PH electrode to the pH instrument input and connect it properly.

۲٫ According to the instrument manual for calibration, calibration results to be measured.


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