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Temperature transmitter RS485 temperature acquisition module DS18B20 MODBUS-RTU temperature device


Input power: 9-24V

Measuring temperature range: -55 ℃ ~ +۱۲۵ ℃

Test accuracy: 0.5 degrees Celsius

Communication: RS485 MODBUS RTU


Can be used for room temperature, data acquisition, greenhouse, animal breeding, industrial environmental monitoring, sewage temperature monitoring, granary temperature monitoring, a variety of environmental temperature data acquisition and control and so on.

The following is a test tool interface, for the installation and maintenance of the project is very convenient, you can modify the device address. Once the installer is installed, the equipment can be tested immediately. Very convenient, do not wait for software personnel in place before testing. Can provide test software C + + source , is very convenient secondary development. Greatly facilitate the project. Save time. This product supports MODBUS RTU protocol, you can access PLC.

Software protocol

Baud rate 9600, a start bit, 8 data bits, a stop bit, invalid check. The default communication address is 0x01. The protocol conforms to the MODBUS RTU specification.

Command to explain (to address 01 for example, the command is hexadecimal)





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