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Matsushige HART protocol HART-USB modem HART Modem SM100-C

SM100-C is according to the industry standard. It is specially designed in the temperature range, vibration, electromagnetic compatibility and interface to ensure the stability in harsh environment. The appearance adopts the integrated design, it is convenient to install and carry; The standard USB interface, the serial port bus power supply, make users convenient when being put into use. This product can communicate with any HART instrument of the manufacturer. (Such as Rosemount, E + H, Siemens, Cologne, Yokogawa, Sichuan, etc.). Comes with Songmao configuration software, you can set the sensor type and wiring, set the function.

First, the specification parameters

● physical dimensions: length 90mm * width 66mm * height 25mm.

● Working temperature: -45 ℃ – ۸۸ ℃.

● relative humidity: 10% – 80%.

Second, product performance

● Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Win7, Win10.

● Fully compatible with USB V1.1 and USB CDC V1.1 specifications.

● Fully compatible with USB V2.0 and USB CDC V2.0 specification.

● USB bus-powered (non-isolated cable), DC 5V DC 30mA.

● Standard HART protocol transmission.

● Transparent data conversion.

● Compatible with any HART instrument.

● USB communication cable (1.5M) for SM100-C and PC communication.

 ● test line: red and black two, 1.5M, for SM100-C and HART instrumentation.

 ● HART MODEM compatible with HART software compatible list

       SM100-C (D):

       3051SMV Configuration Software 3351 User Intelligence Software 302C ASK E + H ToF_Tool_- _Fieldtool_Package_4_06_00


       HART_7_2 Tools HART_serverEvel HART-CONFIG Tool Setup (V3.6.2) HART-SEVER Software HartTools

       HARTwin_2_7 software HART device management software PDM6.0 HT2004 with software new

       PACTwareSetup4.0.0.6-final-full RCT_V2_03_0005 3300

       VF03 guided wave radar with software Baxter HART intelligent pressure transmitter configuration software

       Beijing, China Hart Control Software Coriolis Cologne flowmeter configuration software Rosemount radar configuration Luo software 5300 Siemens PDM


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  • نوامبر 29, 2016

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