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Signal isolation distributor 4-20ma current transducer voltage transmitter temperature transmitter safety barrier

WS series signal isolator is a kind of high-precision, anti-jamming high load capacity, rail-mounted signal isolator, which is designed and developed by Xunxun Automation Instrumentation Technology Co., Ltd. after 10 years of improvement and updating. The components used in this product are imported high-precision components, first-class quality

DC current input signal range: 0-1mA, ± ۱mA, 0-20mA, ± ۲۰mA, 4-20mA, 4-12-20mA, 0-1A, ± ۱A, 0-5A, ± ۵A, 0-10A, ± ۱۰A And other -10A – +10 A within any range of DC current signal..

DC voltage input signal range: 0-10V, ± ۱۰V, 0-5V, ± ۵V, 0-75mV, ± ۷۵mV, 0-100V, ± ۱۰۰V, 0-1000V, ± ۱۰۰۰V, 0-2000V, 2000V – + 2000V within any range of DC voltage signal.

AC current input signal range: 0-20mA, 0-100mA, 0-500mA, 0-1A, 0-5A, 0-10A, 0-15A, 0-20A and other 0-20A within the scope of any AC current signal.

AC voltage input signal range: 0-100V, 0-110V, 0-220V, 0-380V, 0-465V, 0-800V, 0-1000V and other 0-1000V within any range of AC voltage signal.

Thermal resistance temperature signal (PT100) Input signal range: 0-100 ℃, ۰-۳۰۰ ℃, ۰-۵۰۰ ℃ and other -200 – 850 ℃ within the scope of any.

Thermocouple temperature signal (KSETBJNRLU type thermocouple) Input signal range: K0-1300 ℃, S0-1700 ℃, E0-1000 ℃, T0-400 ℃, B0-1800 ℃, J0-1200 ℃, N0-1300 ℃, R0 -1700 ℃, U0-600 ℃, in the above temperature range of the thermocouple type signal can be.

Two-wire resistance and three-wire potentiometer input signal range: 0-100Ω, ۰-۱KΩ, ۰-۵KΩ, ۰-۱۰KΩ, ۰-۱۰۰KΩ and other resistance signal range.

Frequency signal input range: 0-50HZ, 45-55HZ, 0-1KHZ, 0-10KHZ, 0-50KHZ, 0-100KHZ and other 0-100KHZ within the scope of any.

Power signal input range: single-phase power, three-phase three-wire power, three-phase four-wire power. 1A * 100V, 5A * 100V, 5A * 220V, 5A * 380V and so on.

Output signal range: 4-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-75V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-10V, 0-20V, 0-75V, 0-300mV and other standards and Non-standard signal. Channel settings: one into one, one into two, one into three, one into four, two into two, three into three, four into four.

For the two-wire, three-wire distribution voltage: 16-26V.


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