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کارت DAQ 201


NI / MCC USB-201 sound human body infrared humidity water vibration current module data acquisition card 12-bit

Single card (MCC201): original price of 799 yuan, the current price of 759 yuan!

Kit (MCC201 acquisition card and the following eight sensors): original price 859, price 799 yuan!

۱, Arduino full color LED module; 2, Arduino biaxial rocker; 3, soil hygrometer detection module; 4, high sensitivity vibration sensor module;

۵, the human body infrared sensor module; 6, the analog output sound sensor module; 7, single 5V relay module; 8, finger detection heartbeat module.

Test and measurement needs everywhere, all walks of life, civil engineering, biomedical, material science, physical chemistry, mechanical automation as long as the real world to study, ultimately, test and measurement. Test and measurement system = sensor + data acquisition card. A variety of different functions of the sensor to the real world of various information signals, into voltage signals, data acquisition card to convert the voltage into digital information, transfer to the computer. So the data acquisition card is an important part of the test and measurement system. Do test and measurement, which can not understand data acquisition card?

Every day for your electrical engineers recommend MCC USB 201 low-cost multi-function data acquisition card,

The United States imported: data acquisition leading manufacturers US NI sub-brand MCC products, performance assurance.

Full function: analog input, digital input, digital output, counter input a variety of test functions.

Convenient interface: USB interface to easily connect your computer equipment, if it is flat or smart phone can connect.

All software: You can use TraceDAQ, LabVIEW, C, VC, VB,.


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  • نوامبر 29, 2016

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