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کارت دیتا اکوزیشن USB-8248  دارای 8 کانال 24 bit و ۴AD کانال 16 bit و اتصال به نرم افزار لب ویو LABVIEWاست کارت  DAQ مناسب پروژه داده برداری DATA ACQUISITION از سنسور ، دیتالاگر و کنترل در حوزه ابزار دقیق و اتوماسیون صنعتی می باشد.



۲۴-bit high-precision acquisition card sensor signal acquisition 8-channel 24-bit AD 4-channel 16-bit DA 14-channel DIO

Exclusive data acquisition and processing functions! Can be real-time graph and real-time saved to the EXCEL file.

        USB to RS232 interface Multi-function data acquisition card, 8-channel 24-bit high-precision AD, 4-channel 16-bit high-precision DA, 4 independent PWM, 14-channel DIO, powerful, reliable performance, has been applied to a number of industrial field test items .

        USB interface, no external power supply, plug and play; exquisite shell.

The main parameters:

First, ADC analog detection

     1. Number of channels: 8 single-ended or 4 differential, precision: 24-bit

     2. Signal gain multiple: 1 times, 2 times, 4 times, 8 times, 16 times, 32 times, 64 times optional

     3. Sampling rate: 2.5,5,10,50,100,500,1000,2000,3750,7500,15000 optional

     4.AD measuring range: 0 ~ +5 V

      5. Input impedance: 10M

      6. The actual measurement accuracy: 3 decimal places later, see the following specific test results

              8-way single-ended, real-time, sampling rate parameter set to 3750, accuracy of about 0.5mV, absolute accuracy.

              8-way single-ended, real-time, (parameter set to 1000), precision less than  0.15mV, absolute accuracy.

              8-way single-ended, real-time, (parameter is set to 500), accuracy of about 0.1mV, absolute accuracy.

              8-way single-ended, real-time, (parameter is set to 100), accuracy of about 0.05mV, absolute accuracy.

              8-way single-ended, real-time, (parameter is set to 10), accuracy of about 0.01mV, absolute accuracy.

Second, DAC analog output

       1. Number of channels: 4

        2.DAC type: voltage output type

        3. Output range: 0-5V

        4. Conversion precision: 16 bits

Third, PWM output

    1. Number of channels: 1 independent PWM, frequency and duty cycle are adjustable

       2. Clock source (CLK): 72MHz, by dividing the coefficient to obtain the reference clock

       3. Pulse generator output (OUT): pulse mode and duty cycle to set the waveform mode

       4.PWM level: high 3.3V, low 0V

Fourth, the pulse frequency and duty cycle measurement (default does not contain this feature can be customized)

      1. Number of channels: 2 channels

      2. Frequency range: 1Hz-65KHz, the duty cycle range: 0-100

      3. Measurement accuracy: frequency <0.2%, duty cycle <0.5%

      4. Pulse voltage range: 0-5V

Fifth, the switch detection DI (default 6-channel DI)

       1. Number of channels: 6 channels

       2. Electrical standard: TTL compatible

       3. Maximum absorption current: less than 5 mA

       4. Input high level: 3.3V or 5V

       5. Enter the low level: <0.8V

       6. Default Input: High

۶, the switch output DO (default 8-way DO)

       1. Number of channels: 8 channels

       2. Electrical standard: TTL compatible

       3. Maximum drive current: 50mA

       4. Output high: 5V

       5. Output low level: <0.3V

       6. Default input: Low level


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