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ایزولاتور پورت USB


Usb-usb isolation line 1.5 m USB isolator ADUM4160 / ADUM3160 full-speed 12Mbps

Powered by Analog Devices’ proprietary iCoupler® technology, it is the industry’s first single-package USB isolation solution. Compatible with USB 2.0, provides 12 Mbps data rate, isolated 1500V voltage, no external power supply, no driver. USB signal timing, amplitude, direction, speed, protocol and its complexity, so the realization of USB signal magnetic isolation is a very complex technology, this section represents the isolation field is the highest level.


■ Compatible with USB2.0

■ Isolation voltage: 1500V

■ Supports full-speed 12Mbps does not support pure high-speed devices

■ Supports USB control transfer, bulk transfer, interrupt transfer, isochronous / isochronous transfer

■ Power supply: from the host computer USB port

■ drive-free, more convenient to use

■ use of the environment: -40 ℃ to 85 ℃

This product is full-speed 12Mbps isolation line, for low-speed 1.5Mbps isolation line, please contact or note Wangwang.

Why Is the USB Interface Isolated?

 USB interface is already electronic engineers, practitioners work daily, life is one of the most commonly used interface. With the growing competition in the computer industry, product prices are getting lower and lower,

Forcing the majority of businesses on the computer motherboard interface protection can simplify the simplified, can save the province. USB interface not only often with the human body, external contact, and often it is also

External device power supply. Many of these conditions led to a lot of computer USB interface in advance strike. Even the motherboard is damaged.

This product is suitable for the following users:

۱٫ Contains the strong electricity, the strong disturbance’s working environment

        Part of the circuit contains strong electricity, strong interference (such as high-voltage, inverter, motor drive, etc.) environment,

Involving the connection with the computer occasions, we must be isolated to ensure that the computer, personal safety.

۲٫ Noise-sensitive areas

      As we all know, the computer is a great source of noise. In the noise sensitive area, we can communicate with the USB interface through the device isolation. Such as high-precision USB data acquisition system, HIFI sound system.

۳٫ USB debugging device

       Such as various USB interface JTAG / SWD emulator, ISP / ASP / IAP / ICP Downloader. When you can not connect during the debugging process, simulation abnormalities, you can use the USB isolator try to improve.

۴٫ A variety of industrial USB devices

           Industrial environment, USB devices often crashes, such as USB mouse, keyboard, USB to serial communication equipment. USB isolators can effectively reduce the industrial environment of these devices crash and damage probability.

           Sometimes need to extend the USB cable, USB isolator can act as a very good USB repeater, you can also isolate the upstream and downstream equipment, the ground pressure.

 5. Other common USB peripherals, USB sound card, USB, printer, digital camera, USB hub (HUB), USB camera.


۶٫ Medical equipment

        The safety of the human body is the most important and the primary consideration, but some medical equipment through the USB interface and computer connection in the human body to collect data or treatment process, the need for direct electrical contact with the human body,

Electrical isolation of the interface circuit is one of the important protective measures to avoid the possibility of electrical shock that can be transmitted from the computer to the human body through equipment and interface circuits.

Tested Supported Devices:

Full-speed devices:

                USB, USB, USB, AVRJP, AVRISP, AVRISPMKII, S-Lab, JET51, J-Link, FET430UIF, PICKIT2, XDS100, LPC-Link, ICD2, USB to serial port, USB flash drive, USB flash drive, (FT232, CP2102, PL2303, CH341 chip).

After testing the device does not support USB wireless card, some USB3.0 USB.


۱, This product is full-speed 12Mbps, does not support low-speed devices such as: keyboard, mouse, USBASP, USBHID device, USBCDC device.

۲, the product onboard power supply Jinsheng B0505S power 1W, when your USB device operating current> 180mA, you can use USB double-headed wire plus power supply.

۳, this product supports full-speed devices, but does not support pure high-speed devices (USB2.0), most of the backward compatibility of USB devices can be used.


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