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Strain gauge bending sensor module y3 weighing module to send finished product information

۱٫ Introduction to Components

Sensitivity coefficient: 2.0

Strain limit: 2%

Grid wire: length x width 2×3.5mm

Substrate size: length x width 5×4.5mm

Substrate material: Modified phenolic base.

Grid wire material: Constantan

Resistance: 350 ohms

Fatigue life:> 10000000 times

Flux: Common solder rosin

Resistance strain gauge works based on the effect of the strain produced, that is, conductor or semiconductor materials in the external force under the action of mechanical deformation, the resistance value of the corresponding changes, this phenomenon is called “strain effect.”

The strain gauge is attached to the object to be bent along with the strain of the object to be measured, so that the metal foil inside is bent with strain. Many of the metal in the mechanical bending of its resistance will change.

۲٫ Product introduction

Voltage: 5V

Diode reverse protection ~ (to prevent the power of the anti-a)

The board has a blue LED power LED

Analog output

The higher the curvature, the higher the output voltage

With a zero-potentiometer

The potentiometer can be used to adjust the output start voltage

Output analog voltage 0-3.5V

Board Size: 32 X 17 mm

A pinout definition is printed on the back of the board

(Bending strain gauge can change the output voltage)

Q: how to use this principle?

This is a bending sensor

Said the principle is also to detect the bending degree of the conversion, the strain gauge attached to the carrier such as: iron aluminum plastic sheet and then bending the carrier, the strain gauge to detect the bending output voltage will change.

Strain gauges can be attached to any object to detect bending, and then we bend the module to convert voltage.



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